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Extend Server 2003 Disk Partition – Partition Magic for Windows Server 2003

Disk partition, especially system partition is essential on a computer. Sufficient space on a data volume enables you to save as much data as possible, while free space on a system partition can affect the performance of your computer. When a disk partition is running out of space, you may need t extend the partition space. This article will introduce partition magic for Windows Server 2003 to extend disk partition.

Partition Magic for Windows Server 2003
Partition magic for Windows 2003 is partition software that can work on Windows 2003 compute to help with partition resizing. Partition magic software is such kind of partition magic, which is able to extend Server 2003 disk partition including system partition and data partition. This partition magic is also able to help shrink partition and move partition. By using this partition magic, you are able to resize NTFS partition on Windows Server 2003 or resize FAT32 disk partition. As professional partition magic, partition magic software can not only work on Windows 2003, but also can work on other Windows Server such as Windows 2000, 2008, 2012, and SBS 2003, etc.

Steps to Extend Server 2003 Disk Partition
Step1. Download, install and run partition magic software on your PC. Right click a partition that has sufficient free space and choose "Resize/Move" option.
Step2. Move the arrows to shrink the selected partition to squeeze some unallocated space.
Step3. You need to move the unallocated space close to the partition you want to extend. Then, you can right click a partition you want to extend and choose "Resize/Move".
Step4. Move the arrows to extend the selected partition and then click "Apply" button.

Extend Server 2003 System Partition
System partition is the partition on which operating system is installed. Usually, operating system is installed on the first partition of a computer, namely C drive. It is often more important to extend system partition when it is running out of disk space on Windows 2003, because it may have influence on operating system and cause unexpected trouble to your computer due to low disk space on system partition. Partition magic software can extend system partition for Windows Server 2003 without any influence on operating system, so it will not cause any hurt or damage to system during partition resizing with help of this partition magic.

Extend Windows 2003 Data Volume
Data volume usually refers to the rest partitions on a computer expect system partition. Some people would like to store different kinds of data into different data volumes. When a lot of data is stored to a data volume, its free space will be eaten up some day. When data volume is running out of disk space on Windows Server 2003, it will not affect the system or performance of computer, but you will be unable to save more data. If you want to extend a data volume without moving or deleting any file, partition magic software is able to extend Server 2003 disk partition without data loss.

Is it able to extend Windows 2003 system partition without rebooting?
"Hell, my system partition runs on low disk space on Windows Server 2003. I would like to extend the system partition by using partition software, but I found that most partition software asks me to reboot my computer if I want to get system partition extended. I don’t want to reboot computer, but I want to look for partition software that can help me extend system partition easily without rebooting or reinstall my Server."
It is a little troublesome if you need to spend lots of time to reboot your computer in order to extend system partition. partition magic software has the function of performing Windows 2003 partition resizing without rebooting or reinstalling system.

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