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Windows Server 2003 Low Disk Space on System Partition

Windows system pops up low disk space warning to alert computer user that the partition is running out of disk space. Low disk space on system partition will cause many problems such as:
You cannot install any software or Windows updates on computer
Computer runs more and more slowly day by day
System breaks down or crash automatically without any warning
Computer blue screen or black screen
If you don’t want to run into such kind of problem, you had better fix the low disk space issue as soon as possible when receiving the warning message.

Fix Low Disk Space on System Partition Windows 2003
When referring to fix low disk space issue, many people will delete or move files to free up disk space. However, if you want to fix the problem permanently, the best way is to increase the size of the disk partition. system partition resizer Server is partition software that can help with disk partition resizing on Windows Server OS including Windows Server 2000/2003/2008/2012, Windows SBS and Windows Server R2. Therefore, you can use this partition software to extend system partition or other data volume when you receive low disk space alert on Windows Server 2003 system partition.

How to Extend System partition Windows Server 2003?
Step1. Download, install and run system partition resizer Server. Right click a partition that has lots of free disk space and choose "Resize/Move".
Step2. Move the arrows to shrink the selected partition and you can squeeze some unallocated space by shrinking.
Step3. You need to move the unallocated space close to system partition. Then, you can right click the system partition and choose "Resize/Move".
Step4. You can move the arrows to extend the system partition and then click "Apply" button.

Main Features of System Partition Resizer Server
If you want to fix low disk space on Windows Server 2003 system partition, system partition resizer Server should be the best partition tool for your choice. Why?

1. System partition resizer Server is safe, easy-to-use and useful partition software for all Windows Server users. It doesn’t require any professional skill or knowledge. You just need to install the software and then follow the instructions to perform hard disk partition resizing within a few steps. This partition software is risk-free, with which you don’t need to worry that your computer will infected with virus or spyware.

2. You can extend system partition or data volume without rebooting computer. After you apply all changes to resize the hard disk partition, the partition software is able to accomplish the partition resizing in a few seconds without rebooting your computer. Therefore, this partition software can be an efficient and time-saving partition tool.

3. Keep data safe by using  system partition resizer Server. In the partition resizing process, this partition software will not touch any data on the hard disk. This partition software doesn’t have any influence on operating system either. Even if computer shuts down or reboot due to unknown reasons during partition resizing, system partition resizer Server will not hurt the operating system.

Free up Disk Space on System partition Server 2003
Although it cannot fix low disk space problem thoroughly by free up disk space on system partition, it can solve the problem temporarily. You can use following method to free up space on Windows Server 2003 system partition:

1. Delete unnecessary or old files from C drive. You can delete some temporary files by following the path below: C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Local Settings\Tem.
2. You can run disk cleanup tool to free disk space.
3. You can delete Internet temporary files and cookies to free up disk space on system partition.

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