Monday, September 29, 2014

Extend System Partition C Drive Windows 2003 Server

"Is there any solution for C drive system partition resizing on Windows Server 2003? I need to extend C drive system partition to fix the low disk space problem, but it failed when I run Diskpart to extend C drive on Server 2003. I know I can uninstall some programs to free up space, but it is not a good solution for me because all the programs and data on C drive are important. I want to look for a way to extend C drive without reinstalling system or reformatting disk."

"I want to extend C drive system partition space on Windows 2003. There are about 50GB free space on D drive, but how can I move the free space from D drive to C drive. Can I extend C drive on Windows 2003 under Disk Management?"
"The system partition C drive is running out of disk space on Windows 2003 RAID 5. Is it possible to extend C drive without rebuilding RAID array and how? Should I backup data on the RAID 5 before resizing C drive?"

Extend System Partition C Drive with Partition Software
C drive system partition low disk space is a nightmare for many computer users because they don’t know the way to fix such kind of problem. However, you will no longer feel upset if you can get a reliable partition tool. The partition software is specially designed for Windows Server users to extend C drive, system partition, boot volume and other data volume easily and effectively. This partition software allows you to extend partition, shrink partition and move partition without any data loss. You can rely on this partition software when other programs or solutions failed to extend your C drive system partition on Windows 2003.

How to Extend System Partition C Drive Step by Step?
Step1. Download, install and run partition software. Right click a partition that has enough free space and select "Resize/Move".
Step2. When mouse shows double arrows symbol, you can move the arrows to shrink the partition and then you can see some unallocated space.
Step3. You should move the unallocated space close to C drive. Then, right click C drive and choose "Resize/Move".
Step4. Move the arrows when mouse shows double arrows symbol and then click "Apply" button.

Extend System Partition without Reinstalling
Windows 2003 build-in Diskpart command has the function or extending partition, but it has a limited ability to extend a system partition. The partition software enables you to extend system partition without any limitation. You are able to resize system partition without reinstalling system, so you don’t need to worry about any system disaster in the partition resizing process. This partition software can works on all Windows Serves to extend system partition C drive, so it can also work perfectly on system partition C drive resizing on Windows Server 2003.

Extend C Drive on Windows 2003 RAID 5
Without partition software, you will need to rebuild RAID 5 array, reinstall system and reformat the disk in order to extend C drive on Windows Server 2003 RAID 5. However, things will become much easier with help of partition software, which can extend C drive space by moving existing unallocated space on the RAID array. Even if there is no unallocated space on RAID 5, you can add new disk to extend the RAID disk. Then new added disk will display as unallocated space, so you can add it to C drive by using the partition software.

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